LED Felületbe süllyeszthető világítás


The design of the LED recessed luminaire T is extremely flat. As a recessed machine luminaire, its installation height is just 3 mm when built in and it is available in two different lengths. It goes without saying that the recessed version of the anodised aluminium housing also has an IP67 protection rating and is resistant to splashing water and dust.


The LED recessed luminaire T comes with your choice of a 3 metre cable, M8 connector or M12 connector as standard. For the light cover, you can select from diffuse acrylic glass and diffuse single-pane safety

glass. If your application requires more light, there is even a version of this luminaire with clear single-pane safety glass.



Változatok Ár Felvett teljesítmény Hossz Lumen Üveg anyaga
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14 W 244 mm 1608 lm PMMA
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14 W 244 mm 1608 lm Edzett (ESG) opálüveg
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28 W 444 mm 3216 lm PMMA
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28 W 444 mm 3216 lm Edzett (ESG) opálüveg




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Műszaki adatok

Burkolat anyaga Alumínium
Colour rendering index ≥80
Colour temperature 5700 K
Felvett teljesítmény 14 W
Hossz 244 mm
IP-osztály IP67
Lumen 1608 lm
Magasság 20 mm
Max. üzemi hőmérséklet 45 °C
Min. üzemi hőmérséklet -20 °C
Szélesség 94 mm
Tápfeszültség 24 V DC
Tápfeszültség 24 V AC
Üveg anyaga PMMA

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